For most couples, the term “to-do” pertains to everything except our relationships. Calendars are filled with tasks related to our job/career or personal appointments ranging from manicures to social events. Not to mention those of us with with children; that’s another post altogether.  One thing that many couples seem to neglect is the task of scheduling quality time for one another.

How often do we schedule quality time for our significant other? Many couples believe eating dinner at home or having a conversation at bedtime is more than enough to count as “quality time” together.  Ummm, not so fast! The truth is that these things may not contribute to your relationship in the way you’d hope.

You should ensure that you are able to schedule quality time with your significant other. It has been beneficial in our marriage and worth the added effort. Here are a few reasons why we are fans of having a date night.

It Will Strengthen Your Bond

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Being able to spend some quality time together is going to help strengthen the bond you have with your partner. Consistently scheduled “date” and outings with your partner reaffirms you commitment to relationship and shows that you value time spent together. This is always important because the stronger the bond, the better the odds of overcoming obstacles throughout the relationship. It is so much easier to get through tough times with someone you love and trust.

You Can Grow Together

Often, couples grow apart over time and don’t realize it’s happened until it’s too late. The best date nights are those in which you are able to learn and/or experience something new, together. This can be anything from learning how to ballroom dance to learning the game of chess. Think of new activities for upcoming dates and go for it. It’s not so important if the activity doesn’t go as you imagine because sometimes conversation regarding that shared experience foster growth in the relationship. The focus should be on the fact that you are doing something new, together.

It Will Help Both of You Relax

A big issue with many relationships is that both people are usually stressed due to external issues and that stress can have a very negative effect on the relationship too. The good thing about date nights is that it allows you both a chance to relax and to get rid of the stress. The more you can relax together, the easier it is to handle the difficult times and the stressful things you have to experience outside of your relationship.

Examples of a relaxing date night can include a couple’s massage, exercising together, or planning a romantic dinner and movie. The good news is that all of the relaxing ideas can be accomplished at home.

Better Relationships with Others

When your relationship with your partner is going well, your relationship with others are typically better. That’s because we are more likely to have the patience to work out our differences with others when we are able to have a good relationship with those closest to us. No one is closer to us than the person we live with and the person we call our life partner. Keeping things running smooth with date nights could prove beneficial in other aspects of your life, including interactions with other people.

Final Thoughts and Ideas

Maintaining a good relationship is something that requires some effort from both parties involved. The good news is that date nights are a fun way to maintain that magic and keep the spark alive. Some of the best experiences are volunteer outings because they often involve teamwork with your partner. Moreover, you’ll have a better sense of well-being due to your efforts and contribution to a cause.

When planning your “dates” with your loved one, be mindful that it doesn’t require you to spend tons of money or be overly romantic. However, it does require consistency. You can go out for a romantic walk, go to the movies, visit a theme park, or try something new. Here is a list of date night ideas to consider. The options are vast and this helps keep things fresh, too. Enjoy your date nights with the one who loves you.


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  1. You are right! The best way to maintain a relationship is spending quality time with your partner. Thanks for sharing this article! Waiting for more such articles. 🙂

  2. I completely agree date nights are so important, it’s so nice to get away for a little bit and spend quality time with your significant other.

  3. Date nights are SO important! Just the other day I texted my husband while he was at work and asked if we could go on a date. I’d just been feeling disconnected and distracted. It was so good to have specific time set aside where we just focus on each other. We started turning our phones on silent for date nights – getting rid of distractions allows us to focus much more on each other. So. Important.

  4. I can’t tell you how much I agree with this. We do a monthly date night – and we really make it a date – getting dressed up for each other, going someplace new so we don’t fall into a rut of “same old/same old” and we have a conversation rule: no talk about work/parenting/household. Sometimes we’ll spend 3 straight hours talking about politics, or telling each other stories from our childhood, or even solving the world’s problems!

    • I love your conversation rule! Yes, it’s important (and fun) to think of new things and/or places to try for date nights.

  5. This is so true! It can be so easy to just have dinner together (in front of the tv even) and tick it off as ‘quality time’ when it really isn’t. Thanks for reminding me how important it is to make real quality time for each other!

  6. My partner and I make an effort to plan date nights, and when we don’t I can really feel the strain on our relationship. I never thought of using dates as an opportunity to learn something new together. Time to look up some classes in our area! Thank you so much for the thoughtful tips.

    • Yes, D’Ana you should take a class doing something new. The experience will likely enrich your relationship. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  7. I’m a dedicated spinster, but my parents have been married for twenty years. And about every month they go on a mini-vacation just by themselves. And I really do think this is one of the reasons why they have stayed together for so long.


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