I have oftentimes considered that the best days of my life were behind me.  All of the fun I had in my twenties and thirties was phenomenal, to say the least!  That era of my life was truly wild and out!  I’ve had some failed relationships like anyone else has.  I’ve made my mistakes along the way.  One thing I did begin to do, however, was come into the realization that living life on the edge was preparing me for a better ‘ever after’ than I could possibly imagine.

You see, many people tend to simply go through life not understanding what is being presented to them.  Mistakes, which are inevitable, are simply attempts to do a ‘thing’ that didn’t seem to work out as planned.  We then find a way to do that ‘thing’ differently to produce a favorable outcome.

Living happily ever after never comes too late.  Of all of the mistakes that we’ve made in our past relationships, there was something there that can be taken from them.  We simply can’t give up and throw in the proverbial towel.  Certainly, unhappiness will ensue.  But, we have to realize the lesson that should have been learned from that so called failed relationship.  Failures, just like mistakes, are simply attempts to do a ‘thing’ that didn’t seem to work out as planned.  This is where I mentioned earlier about how life on the edge was preparing me for a better ‘ever after’.

I began to learn and understand that the mistakes and failures that I’ve made were diamonds in the rough.  This eventually prepared me to become a better husband and father.  Mistakes and failures can be disguised as lessons to prepare you for that special person who will eventually come into your life.  My understanding became broader.  My patience grew.  I realized that with me taking a bit of time to study and understand my past experiences, I could eventually become someone who would, and did, find that Happily Ever After later in life.  You can too!

– McAlester

Have you reached your happily ever after? Let me know where you stand.



    • Thanks, Marissa! Those mistakes aren’t always enjoyable, but they do give us the tools we need for later on in life!

    • It can be less stressful, Shawna, but awfully lonely at the end of the day! Then again, buying a house, attending school, hoping that you don’t get caught up in downsizing at work and just life itself can be just as stressful. At the end of the day, I guess it all depends on where one wants to eventually find themselves. Be patient and stay upbeat! Thanks!


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